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Replacing Battery
As with any fine lighting equipment, the SEACURITY PRODUCTS ND250 will require periodic battery replacement. The following instructions detail each procedure...
The ND250 uses a sealed lead acid battery which should be recycled at the end of it’s useful life. This may be done at any auto battery dealer. Do not, under any circumstances, dispose of it by burning as this may result in an explosion.
Follow Steps 1 through 4 under “HALOGEN BULB REPLACEMENT” and then... 
Step A
Remove the 2 black Phillips head screws on either side of the black spacer and pull it aside. 
Step B
Gently pull battery partially free of body, disconnect 2 slide connectors on the battery, and completely remove battery.
Step C
Insert new battery part way into body and correctly attach slide connectors to it’s “+” and “-” terminals. Then push battery in completely to the bottom of body.
Step D
Re-install black spacer and secure with the 2 black Phillips head screws, taking care to tighten securely, but not so tight as to crack spacer.
To complete this operation, follow Steps 9 through 13 under “HALOGEN BULB REPLACEMENT.” Remember, to charge the new battery. Plug the ND250’s charging cord into both it and an outlet and charge for 24 hours to insure maximum initial charge.
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