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Replacing Bulb
As with any fine lighting equipment, the SEACURITY PRODUCTS ND250 will require periodic bulb replacement. The following instructions detail each procedure... 
The ND250 uses a specialized Quartz Halogen bulb which is extremely efficient, but which requires special handling. Touching the glass surface with bare skin deposits oils which may cause the bulb to fail prematurely. If the glass surface is ever touched by bare skin, clean it with alcohol or window cleaner and allow it to dry fully before installing.
Step 1
Remove rubber lens guard.
Step 2
Using a fine screwdriver or other fine instrument, remove the “o-ring” between the yellow light body and the lens. Be careful not to damage it.
Step 3
Remove the lens by unscrewing it.
Step 4
Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the 2 screws attaching the reflector to the spacer below it. Be careful not to scratch the reflector.
Step 5
Detach the wires to the bulb by gently pulling the connections apart.
Step 6
Lay the reflector open face down, remove the Phillips head screw located beside the bulb, and pull the bulb free.
Step 7
Insert the new bulb into the reflector, being careful never to touch it’s glass surface (see “NOTE ON BULB”), and re-install screw holding bulb to reflector.
Step 8
Re-attach wires at connectors.
Step 9
Re-install reflector to spacer with the 2 Phillips head screws.
Step 10
Install the large “o-ring” to threaded end of the body as close to the “on-off” switch as possible.
Step 11
Re-install the lens and tighten firmly by hand until it just begins to squeeze the large “o-ring” installed in Step 10 above.
Step 12
Re-install rubber lens guard, taking care to seat the ribs on the lens into the slots on the inside wall of the lens guard.
Step 13
Test the light for proper function.
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