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The SEACURITY PRODUCTS ND250 Spotlight provides nearly a full hour of usage between charges. This incredible “burn time” is achieved by a careful mating of a high efficiency Quartz Halogen bulb and a compact but powerful lead acid battery. To realize it’s full potential, the ND250 must be fully charged. The following describes the charging procedure and some common sense rules in detail...
The charge level is indicated when the charging cable is connected correctly to the ND250 and 110volts AC ) by a tri-color LED ( Light Emitting Diode) inside the charging port above the connection for the charging cord. The LED changes color from green to yellow to red depending on the level of charge obtained. Unless the battery has been completely discharged, a full charge will take approximately 12 hours. In the case of full discharge, allow 24 hours. 
NOTE: never charge the light for more than 24 hours. 
Prior to charging, determine the following: 
    --the light is turned off 
    --the recharging cord is plugged
      firmly into both the ND250 and an
      active wall socket 
Step 1 
    Unscrew the black charging port cover located on the end of the ND250. 
Step 2 
    Plug the female end of the charging cord firmly into the port provided. 
Step 3 
    Plug the male end of the cord into an active 110 volt outlet. 
Step 4 
    Observe the LED above the cord in the charging port. It will begin glowing green, changing to yellow at approximately 50-60% of full charge, then changing to red at full charge. 
Step 5 
    After the ND250 reaches full charge, remove the recharging cord and re-install the charging port cover, checking to make sure the “o-ring” under the cover is seated properly to insure a watertight seal. 
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