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Features and Benefits

Unique design allows battery to be securely fastened to boat

  • safer in rough water when polypropelene straps and plastic clips often fail
  • safer in any accident that occurs while trailering
  • allows battery box to be locked securely to prevent tampering or theft
100% stainless steel construction
  • extremely resistant to corrosion, designed for the harsh marine environment
  • multi-hinge design allows usage in tight spaces such as molded lockers
  • 8 #10 screw holes drilled and countersunk allows more secure fastening than conventional straps
  • requires no maintenance
Heavy duty stainless steel hasp
  • provides positive closure
  • allows locking to prevent theft or tampering
  • allows usage of locks with up to 5/16" diameter shackles
Adjustable to fit most common battery box sizes
  • fits 90+ % of battery boxes currently sold, groups 24 and 27
  • fits Attwood "Power Guard 27 Battery Box"
  • fits Attwood "Sea Guard Battery Case"
Because battery is in box
  • safer: eliminates possibility of a short circuit across terminals
  • safer: reduces likelyhood of any acid spill
  • reduces corrosion to battery terminals
Easily installed with only a screwdriver, pencil, and a drill (simple instructions included)

Proudly designed, manufactured, and packaged in the United States

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